LES DEBUTS DE KARL LAGERFERLD ET YVES SAINT LAURENT 1954Karl Lagerfeld left, Yves Saint Laurent center, winners of the 1954 International Wool Secretariat Competition in Paris. Image source: The Woolmark Company

Earlier this month, a new biopic about fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was released in France. Yves Saint Laurent focuses on the relationship (both personal and professional) between Saint Laurent and his long-time partner Pierre Bergé. Bergé himself was involved in some of the filming and loaned 77 of the vintage costumes from the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent.

Using locations from the fantastic book The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake, we’re sharing the haunts of Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld during the decadent era of Paris in the 1960s and 1970s, as both designers were jockeying to get their careers started. The book is a must-read for lovers of Paris, fashion or both.

1. Cafe de Flore (72 Boulevard Saint-Germain)

Cafe de Flores-Paris-Yves Saint Laurent-Karl Lagerfeld-The Beautiful Fall-FashionImage via Flickr by

Cafe de Flore at St. Germain on the Left Bank was the place to see and be seen. As Drake describes, it “was the essence of all that was desirable on the Rive Gauche of Paris.” A mix of artists, literary types, models, celebrities and most importantly, for this story, muses to the creatives. This classic Parisian cafe still exists today, opposite the other literary stronghold, Les Deux Magots.

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