2. B.S. Moss Coliseum Theater (181st Street and Broadway)

B. S. Moss’ Coliseum Theatre, located at 181st Street and Broadway, opened on  September 24, 1920, to rave reviews and a full house. (The New York Public Library  has an informative article on the theater including a copy of the opening night program, which features an image of the Roman Coliseum on its cover). The Coliseum Theatre was designed by Eugene De Rosa, who designed a number of Broadway theaters. The 3,500 seat theater was the third largest in the city and was built on the site of the Blue Bell Tavern, where George Washington spent a night. The movie theater has been closed since 2011 (after a few prior closings) and is occupied by a smattering of different shops. Residents hope to convert into a cultural center.