19. Hart Island

Hart Island

The 101-acre Hart Island serves as the city’s last potter’s field, for the unclaimed dead or those whose families couldn’t afford a funeral. The island is uninhabited today, but more than 800,000 have been buried there since 1869, making it the largest tax-funded cemetery in the world. Have a look into the crumbling women’s asylum as well.

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17 thoughts on “20 Abandoned Places in NYC: Asylums, Hospitals, Power Plants, Islands, Forts

  1. Please do a ‘view all on one page’. Waiting for pages to load and I lose patience with lots of clicking very quickly! 🙂

    1. We do have it, it’s under the blue bar! And starting Wednesday it will also be on mobile. 🙂

  2. We went for a drill at the Navy Yard around 1997, during the drill we had about 2 hours downtime, so we walked around the place. At that time , you could literally walk into these buildings , no locks , no fences. Of course this was before cameras on cell phones and certainly no one had a camera , but we went in 3 of them , there were still pictures , file cabinets and in a closet was a white officers jacket , covered in bird crap , but it was as if the place closed and everyone just left !!! Was awesome , many were still there since my last time passing there in 2014 but they are in much worse condition….but if I could , I would still explore them !!!!!

  3. are all of these places allowed to be walked into to explore? I wont get a record for tresspassing?

    1. It’s all at your own risk, with most of these and without being on a sanctioned tour (sometimes we run tours on Untapped Cities of abandoned places in partnership with the city), you would be trespassing. There are a few on this list that are part of parks and can be seen from the exterior.

    1. ??? The first one is in Yonkers and the last one is near Beacon, the other 18 are all in the city

  4. Very cool! I’m researching a horror novel that I’m working on, and yoou’ve given me plenty of great ideas for locations thanks to these eerie photos

  5. how can I find out how to purchase soe of these abaned metal buildings please email me let me know I thank u for ur time

    1. Ok, but bring someone who can actually count. If your spelling is any indication of your math skills, you’ll probably need them. Just sayin’

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