35 years ago, director Walter Hill’s New York City-based cult classic The Warriors was released into theaters with little to no promotion backing it. The film is looked at today as a portrait of New York City in the late 70’s; a much gritter, darker, and more violent city then the city of Cronuts and Citi Bikes. When it opened however, the film was initally met with negative reviews from critics, and caused controversy when gang activity and vandalism reportedly took place near theaters showing the film.

In celebration of the cult classic’s 35th anniversary, here is a list of film locations used in the NYC gangster thriller.

10. The Coney Island – Stillwell Station

Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue Subway Stop-Brooklyn-NYCConey Island-Stillwell Station

The Warriors, who control Coney Island in Brooklyn, have to travel all the way to Van Cortland Park in the Bronx, as every gang in the city will be meeting there. They take the D train on Coney Island-Stillwell station. The station, which serves as a transportation hub for the N,Q,B, and D is completely different from the one Swan and the rest of the gang get on to their faithful trip to the Bronx, becoming one of the most energy-efficient train stations in the country.

9. Riverside Park

The film’s most famous scene is when Cyrus, leader of NYC’s biggest gang “The Riffs”, stands tall at Riverside Park over an army of 100 separate gangs; all wearing their unique outfits and colors and declares that they unite and take over the city. The scene also has the films most quotable line, one Shaquille O’Neal used while winning championships with the Lakers. When Cyrus wants a rise from the crowd he raises his arms and repeats “Can you dig it?” three times, the last one elicits a thunderous roar from the masses below. If you want to see the place where the Saracens sat next to the Jones Street Boys; and where The Moonrunners were “right by the Van Cortland Rangers,” don’t head to the real Van Cortland Park because the actual scene was filmed in Riverside Park in Manhattan north of 96th Street.

8. Cypress Hills Cemetery

Photo via Wikimedia Commons by antdesmond

After Cyrus is gunned down and the Warriors are blamed for the murder of the gang leader (Spoilers!) Swan, Cowboy, Ajax and the rest of the Warriors hide out from not only the police who have raided the meeting, but from every gang in the city, as they are believed to be behind Cyrus’s assassination. In the film, this cemetery is supposed to be located on Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, but in actuality, the cemetery is located in the Cypress Hills part of Brooklyn.

7. 45th Road – Long Island City

In 1970s New York City, there are numerous gangs in each borough of the city, some gangs however, are more minor-league than others. “The Orphans,” who the Warriors run into after a rail fire, were not invited to the big meeting in the Bronx, for they are a small gang of 30 members no one has really heard of. Their turf in the film is in the Tremont section of the Bronx; the actual location of their confrontation with The Warriors takes place on 45th Road in Long Island City, Queens.

6. Soda Fountain Shop

It is hard to find an official Soda Fountain shop in New York City anymore. The kind of diners would mix the beverage right in front of you, with your choice of syrup and toppings [if you’re looking check out Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills]. In the Warriors, Luther, the film’s main antagonist who is responsible for Cyrus’ assassination stops at one of these shops to make a phone call asking for information on The Warriors. The location of this Soda Fountain Shop is now a locksmith store is on First Avenue by 1st Street.

5. New Utrecht Station

After tossing a Molotov cocktail, the Warriors hightail it to the nearest train station. The station, which was called Bath Junction years ago, is now the only multi-line station that is fully above ground in NYC.

4. 72nd Street Station

The Warriors think they are home free, however, they run into the cops and must make a break from it. They get out on 96th Street, however, instead of cops the Warriors now have to deal with the films most iconic character’s “The Baseball Furies”. Wearing Yankee uniforms and face paint, the turf they control in the film is Riverside Park. It is not only their physical appearance that makes them look dangerous, they never speak, chasing The Warriors to the park in silence, it makes them all the more creepy. The film suggest that this takes places on 96th Street, however the actual location is the 72nd Street train station, across the street from the famed Gray’s Papaya.

3. Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station

Hoyt Schermerhorn abandoned subway platform Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

Used for multiple scenes in the film, the abandoned subway platform was used to film events happening at two different locations in the film. The two abandoned subway platforms have distinctive looks, so it was not difficult for the production team to make it look different than the one The Warriors found themselves in when they were on the run from the cops.