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Though they seem to be a dying breed, there are many record stores, both newly opened and long-standing, carving their place in New York City right now. They provide music lovers not only with a place to purchase hidden gems, but with somewhere to gather and discuss music with other enthusiasts. Here’s our list of five awesome records stores in New York City.

1. Casa Amadeo, the Bronx

This Latin music store was opened in 1941 in the South Bronx by Victoria Hernández. Her brother Rafael, an acclaimed composer, turned the record store into a gathering place for  musicians. During these time of shifting in the Latin music industry, record store owners were the connection between budding musicians and record labels like Victor and Columbia.

In 1969 the store was sold to the son of a Puerto Rican composer and a talented composer in his own right, Miguel Amadeo. For about 50 years, it has been housed by the same apartment building and provided the community with artists such as Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and Héctor Lavoe (Amadeo has written songs for the last two).