New Yorkers are constantly moving, focused on getting from Point A to Point B. We are so accustomed to walking that we neglect the many opportunities Manhattan presents us for sitting. This weekend, set aside some time to slow down and take a seat. Here are some unique city benches for relaxing, reading, or simply enjoying the view. You can also check out a map of our bench route here!

10. Grant’s Tomb

Grant’s Tomb in Morningside Heights is a presidential memorial overlooking the Hudson River. The monument is flanked by 17 colorful mosaic benches that compose a public art project called “The Rolling Bench.” Designed by artist Pedro Silva and architect Phillip Danzig, this disjointed sculpture was created by hundreds of children over a three-year period. Originally assembled in 1972, the benches pose a shocking contrast to the neoclassical tomb. They are reminiscent of Gaudí’s mosaic benches in Barcelona’s Park Güell.