In her book Holy Days author Lis Harris documents a Hasidic family in 1980s Crown Heights. On her frequent trips to the neighborhood, Harris describes the wonderfully unique and enigmatic houses on President Street near Kingston Avenue. We took the subway to Crown Heights to photograph the houses for ourselves.

The houses on President Street are freestanding, set far back from the street, and often veiled behind a row of trees. Some houses evoke the antebellum South, others Frank Lloyd Wright. Front yards slope alongside terraced stairways. Brick houses neighbor wood. Rooftops range from A­frames to flattops. Some houses are immaculately clean, others have a touch of decay­­, cracked stairs, the need for a paint job, an unkempt lawn full of weeds. Each house on President Street is inimitable, carrying its own past.

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One thought on “The Beautiful Mansions of President Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

  1. I am a big fan of Untapped Cities – and a native of Crown Heights. So happy to see my home town on your site. You should note that the home in the second photo was the home of famed Grand Rebbe Menachem Schneerson of Lubavitch.

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