As we’ve previously covered 6 of Paris’ abandoned subway stations, we were excited to see this proposal to reuse decommissioned stations as nightclubs, restaurants, a swimming pool, theaters and more, put forth by mayoral candidate Nathalie Kosciusk-Morizet. Among the stations included are Haxo, Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower, Porte Molitor, and Croix Rouge, a Red Cross Station closed since 1930. The plan, if executed, is to open up proposals to the public using an open platform, with final designs selected by a committee.

The goal, according to Morizet’s website is to “restore these special places for Parisians , by opening to the public and redeveloping to give rise to alternative uses–sporting, cultural , festive–allowing Parisians to choose the use they want to give to these abandoned places, while enhancing the historic heritage of the Paris metro.”

Take a look at more of these conceptual ideas, designed by architect Manal Rachdi and architectural planner Nicolas Laisné:

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One thought on “Wild Proposals To Reuse Abandoned Subway Stations in Paris As Swimming Pool, Club, Theater and More

  1. The campaign to elect the mayor of Paris takes place at this time. The two main candidates for mayor (two women) are proposing outlandish ideas for these places. Arsenal station (that illustrates this article) sees passing dozens of subway trains every day and is not available for any other purpose. Those fantasies from candidates are just fun to watch, not more…

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