As we’ve previously covered 6 of Paris’ abandoned subway stations, we were excited to see this proposal to reuse decommissioned stations as nightclubs, restaurants, a swimming pool, theaters and more, put forth by mayoral candidate Nathalie Kosciusk-Morizet. Among the stations included are Haxo, Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower, Porte Molitor, and Croix Rouge, a Red Cross Station closed since 1930. The plan, if executed, is to open up proposals to the public using an open platform, with final designs selected by a committee.

The goal, according to Morizet’s website is to “restore these special places for Parisians , by opening to the public and redeveloping to give rise to alternative uses–sporting, cultural , festive–allowing Parisians to choose the use they want to give to these abandoned places, while enhancing the historic heritage of the Paris metro.”

Take a look at more of these conceptual ideas, designed by architect Manal Rachdi and architectural planner Nicolas Laisné:

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