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Imagine walking through a discrete doorway, up (or down) stairs, to find yourself in a fine dining restaurant. These are New York City’s hidden restaurants. Like New York City’s hidden bars, these restaurants have unmarked entrances, or are discreetly hidden inside another establishment.  Below we compiled a list of our 10 favorites, from a hidden Nordic eatery inside a Greenpoint bar to a ramen shop hiding in plain sight inside a Whole Foods.

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10. Yuji Ramen

Yuji RamenYuji Ramen in the Bowery Whole Foods

This restaurant, more so counter, is indeed hidden in broad daylight. On the second floor of the Bowery Whole Foods location—and now within the Whole Foods’ Gowanus location—this spot serves some unexpectedly delicious ramen. The ramen is unique in that it is mazemen, or Tokyo style, which means that it has no broth. Originally sold at Smorgasburg, the first brick and mortar location was in Kinfolk Studios in Williamsburg.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Hidden Restaurants in New York City

  1. When I was a kid back in the 80’s we would go to an unassuming Italian restaurant in what seemed like an apartment. The husband waited tables and his wife cooked. There was no menu. It was very dark inside. When you ordered spaghetti as an appetizer for your table they would ask you how many pounds. It was the best food I ever had. It was in Queens or Brooklyn I believe. Does anyone know the name? From what my father told me it was an illiegal place, but it was popular with cops so it was never shut down.

  2. Luksus is one of my favorite restaurant in New York that I’ve ever visited. I visited Hudson Clearwater but i prefer Luksus for their best services.

  3. Bret, thanks for pointing that out! Bohemian was purposely not included on the list in that it is not accessible to the public the same way as the rest on the list. The restaurants included, though several are quite expensive, are accessible through either finding the entrance or a reservation.

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