We’ve been noticing a trend lately of places that double as coffee shops and some other kind of shop. It got us wondering, is a good old cuppa joe not enough anymore? Are people so busy that they need to get their coffee and their floral arrangements in the same place? Or are shop owners just so ambitious that they can’t satisfy themselves by only focusing on one thing?

Whatever the answer, we have to admit that these shops are doing something right, and presenting us with some fun and quirky new ways to caffeinate ourselves. From a surf shop/coffee shop to an art gallery/coffee shop, here are 8 of the most interesting examples in NYC. If you know one that isn’t on this list, leave us a comment!

1. Surf Shop/Coffee Shop: Saturdays Surf NYC


If you happen to need a surfboard along with your espresso, Saturdays Surf NYC in Soho is the place to go. Their coffee counter is right next to a display of surfboards. The shop also sells men’s clothes, surf gear, accessories and books. In the warmer months, grab a macchiato and head out back to sit in the courtyard. Saturdays also made our list of the Top 10 Coffee Shops in Manhattan (for Design Buffs). They’ve got a West Village location too.

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7 Responses
  1. Red Door is our café in Moses Lake, Washington. Attached is an upscale consignment store featuring art, antiques, furniture, home décor, and jewelry.

  2. Stephanie Reply

    Another game shop/coffee shop combo is The Uncommons at 230 Thompson Street, in what used to be the Village Chess Shop. Lots and lots of board and card games.

  3. There’s also Sweetleaf in Long Island City (, which has a record room in the back as well as a laptop room and dining room in the front.

    • laura itzkowitz Reply

      Cool, thanks for sharing! Jane Motorcycles serves Parlor coffee too.

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