Corona-Queens-Answer-Triangle NYC Untapped Cities

If you had to ask about reasons for visiting Corona, Queens, the answers you get would likely involve food.  Ask about good places to cool down in the summer, and you might get sent to try out (and pick up) some Italian ices.  Or answer this: Can you find good Mexican food in Corona?  Let’s ask this popular restaurant for some suggestions.  So, after all of those gut-busting answers you have a hankering to walk somewhere, look no further than the Answer Triangle by the intersection of Aske Street and Roosevelt Ave.  Enemies of puns, please now redirect your eyes to other Untapped Cities articles about Corona, Queens

Let’s ask again: what’s the intended result of any question?  An answer.  That’s exactly how the Answer Triangle came to be.  New York nomenclature at its finest.

Although the Answer Triangle doesn’t have any formal seating available, it’s a peaceful anomaly in a din of residential and commercial buildings.