At Untapped Cities, we have a particular interest in repurposed places. New York City has historically been adept at adaptive reuse, though there are plenty of examples of the city forgetting this particular skill too. In addition to NYC’s repurposed bankschurchessynagogues, theaterspsychiatric asylums, and parking garages, here are eight fire stations that have been converted into great uses.

1. Downtown Community Television Center, 87 Lafayette Street

Downtown Community Television Center-Fire Station-Engine Company 31-Lafayette Street-Chinatown-Tribeca-Historic-NYC

This incredible chateau-like firehouse was built by Napoleon Le Brun  at a cost of $80,000 in 1896. It was home to Engine Company 31 until 1972 when it was decommissioned by the FDNY. Fortunately, it was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places ten months before, so the structure still survives today. In 1983, DCTV and the Chinese-American Planning Council purchased the building for $400,000, and performed additional restoration work.

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4 thoughts on “8 Repurposed Fire Stations in NYC

  1. While the firehouse on Metropolitan Ave was indeed Engine 206’s house, it never housed BFD engine 6. Engine 6 was organized in 1869 at 14 High Street…in a former Volunteer station…when BFD became a salaried department. They were in that station until 1892, when they moved to new quarters at 189 Pearl Street. They moved to the Metropolitan Ave house in 1915, so that was actually their third house.

    Interesting little factoid, here…Brooklyn Engine 6 was second due at the catastrophic Brooklyn Theater Fire on December 5th, 1876.

  2. Ladder 22’s OLD QUARTERS – I remember visiting the firehouse back in the early 1950’s when my Dad was a Firemen there. He later transferred to Lad 140 in Ridgewood where he finished his career after 21 and a half years.
    In the 1980’s when I was a firemen in Eng 263 we relocated to Eng 76 now in new quarters with Lad 22 ,we passed the old house and it brought back many happy memories of standing on the side running board of Ladder 22’s Tiller Truck.
    I was appointed to the FDNY on 5-19-73 and retired May of 1993, it was the greatest job in the world with the GREATEST BROTHERS I worked with! God Bless all FIREMEN and their FAMILIES!

  3. Thank you for the great article and mentioning the New York City Fire Museum! The firehouse at 1196-1198 Metropolitan Ave. was the quarters for Engine Company No. 206. They moved there in 1915 and stayed until 1976, when they relocated to their current quarters at 1201 Grand Street. E-206 is a very old company! They were organized in the old Brooklyn Fire Department as Engine 6 in 1869.

    1. Would you know what the company in the 1198 half of the house was? Hard to make out on Google Maps street view, but looks like either Ladder 33 or Ladder 133.

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