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We all know what day tomorrow is. (It’s House of Cards Season 2 premiere day.)

Some might feel that the gross piles of dirty, garbage-strewn, yellowy-grey snow do not provide a fitting atmosphere to a celebration of love, affection, and variety-packs of candy hearts. And to that I say, turn your mind away from the modern trappings of romance and sentimentalism! Think about Romanticism instead. 

Yes, Romance with a capital ‘R’—let’s sit in a pile of trash and read Byron while pondering the inherent darkness of the human spirit. We can’t make out, though, one of us probably has tuberculosis. Enjoy the horrible dregs of winter! Doesn’t it make you feel alive? This kind of Romance is all about feeling your feelings, even if those feelings are mostly things like “disgust,” or “strong desire to leave.” Especially if you’re feeling a strong desire to leave; Romanticism is also all about escapism.


Oh, does all that not sound appealing to you? Have a look around at your fellow jaded New Yorkers, then. The first thing I noticed about this guy hanging around Washington Square Park was his somewhat Romantic demeanor, with the dramatic, military-inspired coat, fluttering scarf, and shiny leather footwear. A sober, disaffected scowl completed the look. He could’ve been the brooding love interest of a Brontë novel.

But then his phone buzzed, a goofy little smile appeared, and a blush gradually crept across his face. Aww. There’s nothing worse than having your picturesque sulk interrupted by getting a cute text message. Life does not not care about ruining your cool.


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