David O. Russell’s crime comedy-drama American Hustle is loosely based on the Abscam Scandal, but serves more as an excuse to explore an eccentric ensemble of characters. Set in the New York/New Jersey area during the 1970s, the film has already picked up three Golden Globes, as well as ten Oscar nominations.

Apart from some scene-setting, the majority of the film was shot with Massachusetts standing in for the greater New York City area. Here are nine of the locations from both states you’ll recognize from memorable moments in the film. 

1.  The Brooklyn of Irving Rosenfeld’s Childhood, and Camden, NJ

Just south of downtown Worcester, Massachusetts, lies Millbury Street. Home to everything from bars and ethnic markets to travel agencies, this street features in one of the movie’s earliest scenes: Irving’s reminiscence about helping drum up demand for his father’s glass business.

Later in the film, the footage of Carmine Polito greeting his constituents also takes place on Millbury Street.  Representing the “incredibly diverse” Camden, NJ, the only noticeable differences from modern-day Millbury Street lie in the parked cars.

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