1. Little Branch, 22 7th Ave South

Underground Hidden Bar-Speakeasy-Little Branch-Greenwich Village-NYC

You might have passed by the entrance to this meek venue during one of your many buzzed excursions through the West Village and easily dismissed it for the grimy, dubious entry it appears to be. But lurking behind this shrouded doorway is one of the city’s most frequented lounges. Upon descending to the space, you’ll be submerged in its cozy and chic ambience.

Though compact, Little Branch serves a great choice for a party of two, three at the most due to its dim-lighted atmosphere. The spot’s speakeasy impression and live jazz are easily nostalgic. Though a bit more pricey than others, Little Branch’s full bar concocts a tasty array of drinks, and perks include complimentary homemade pretzels. Be sure to arrive early or you’ll be met with a lengthy line before plunging past the door.

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