Stuy Town in New York City, viewed from space!

The “overview effect” is a phenomenon described by astronauts as the feeling associated with viewing the earth in its entirety, as a pale blue dot from space. For many, this existential sentiment translates to a diminished self-worth, as everything we know and love is minimized and bound to this spherical entity in the distance. For the creators of Daily Overview, looking back at earth through these satellite images is a testament to how humans have shaped this earth, for better or worse.

As Daily Overview Founder Benjamin Grant explains, “When given this chance to appreciate our home in its purest form, [we] gain a new understanding of what it means to live on our planet and the scale of the impact that humans have had here. I aim to inspire similar realizations and fresh perspectives.”

These images certainly make the earth seem like an abstract art piece, by focusing a camera on individual quadrants along its surface. He says, “Your primary focus, cities, certainly provide a plethora of potential imagery with such drastic differences in architectural style and layout.”

Take a look at these awesome “Overviews” of our planet.

Satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe. You can see a new Overview of the Earth every day at Daily Overview, or by following their feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get in touch with the author @uptownvoice.