Pizza is more than just food for New Yorkers. It’s almost a religion. The next time you’re out in the city with friends, or find yourself unable to come up with a topic of conversation during a party, ask your fellow New Yorkers which borough or specific shop has the best pizza in NYC and arguments will start immediately.

New Yorkers are loyal to their pizza shops. Some have been going to the same pizza shop for years and while franchises like Little Caesar’s have been seen more frequently lately, what they call pizza pales in comparison to a good old fashioned slice of NY pizza. While each borough has their own unique and respectable pizza shops, one that Fordham University students and the few in the know will stand behind is Pugsley’s Pizza in the Bronx.

Pugsley’s Pizza has been located behind Fordham Road in the Bronx for almost 30 years and is a true mom and pop pizzeria. As it’s hidden by a gas station, many people walk right by without ever realizing it. The shop is run by husband and wife Sal and Pina. Sal not only makes the pizzas, but also provides entertainment—playing the saxophone, banging on a gong once a pie has been finished and rapping (a new-ish talent he picked up a few years back) for the customers who come for a slice of authentic Sicilian-style pizza.

Pugsley’s is frequently filled with Fordham University students. For those who have found it, it becomes an easy date-night destination, the atmosphere, food and Sal providing wing-man duties make it the perfect place to impress someone you have got your eye on.

Though Pugsley’s is known for its exquisite pizza, other favorites include the chicken roll, garlic knots, baked french fries and a delicious dessert called Italian kisses. No matter what you order, one visit to this place is not enough and the fun and food will keep you coming back.

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