Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading today:

New York City

  • Temple Court is still an awesome historical NYC building [Curbed NY]
  • Who are NYC’s Squares named after? [Animal NY]
  • Ryan Blackwell’s Deviant Consumerism makes Ikea furniture into art [Bushwick Daily]
  • Map of 2013 NYC cycling injuries [Gothamist]
  • A new development backed by Bronx Boro Prez to give the South Bronx a waterfront skyline [NY Daily News]


  • Huge new mural by Zio Ziegler “Chasing Desire” goes up in San Francisco [Street Art News]
  • New British Airways ads activate when trains arrive [Atlantic Cities]
  • Would you eat this salami made from the DNA of your favorite celebrity? [Animal NY]
  • Each state’s least favorite band on Spotify [Business Insider]


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