New York City is still a hotspot for guerrilla street art, even though we lost 5 Pointz and Banksy left. Around the City you may have noticed a few instances of new and original street art, so we thought it best to round up a few of them you might not have heard about. Here are five new street art projects in NYC that you might have missed:

1. Yoonjin Lee — Little Lost Project

This interesting and whimsical project by NYC designer Yoonjin Lee uses small cardboard signs to give lost and discarded items a voice in her Little Lost Project. The artists explained to My Modern Met, “How about losing your favorite lip balm that you always keep in your pocket? It is definitely annoying but you can easily buy a new one. Ever wonder where and what these little objects are doing now?”

2. Joe Iurato

Street artist Joe Iurato has been downsizing his normal wooden stencil art into miniature pieces, placed in less notable places in New York City. The series is inspired by moments in Iurato’s own life but the pieces have resonance for the greater public as well, in essence using a change of scale to provide a whimsical reflection on urban life.

3. JR — NYC Ballet @ Lincoln Center

World-renowned street artist JR, whose global art project Inside Out has been going on for three years at this point, is collaborating with the New York City Ballet for their second annual Art Series of ballets. Both the installation and the ballet are taking place at the David H. Koch Theater in Lincoln Center. From the outside, you can see paste-ups of ballerina feet, inside however, JR has gone all out. The floor of the theater is covered in the vinyl of a photograph of 80 ballet dancers who JR personally photographed.

4. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh — Stop Telling Women To Smile

Stop Telling Women to Smile is Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s series that addresses gender-based street harassment. Juxtaposed with drawn portraits of women, these captions question the viewer and provoke empathy by establishing the injustice in what may be perceived as simple conversation. Recently Tatyana Faz has grown her initiative which started here in NYC, as her portraits have started to pop up in other cities nationwide.

5. Ben Eine — Heartfelt

Ben Eine is a street artist from London, whose text-based art is currently on display at Judith Charles Gallery in NYC. He has taken to the streets this month putting up massive murals, including one at Riker’s Island! Eine, who got his start painting graffiti on trains, told Gothamist recently that street art’s growth allows him to “continue painting without the danger of getting in trouble with the law.”

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