Fur coats and diamonds are well-established as Rich People Clothes, but what about a fur-trimmed coat with a diamond built right in?

Last weekend, I went for a walk around Central Park and into the Upper West Side. It was bright, sunny, and about fifty degrees, so it felt like the entire city was outdoors out of sheer gratitude that it wasn’t below freezing. Prime people-watching circumstances. 

Evidently everyone wanted to wear something that wasn’t the same winter coat and boots they’d been wearing every single day for the past three months, because there was a lot of outerwear variety beyond the usual puffy marshmallow zip-ups and black wool overcoats. I even saw a few brave, jacket-less individuals showing off their bare arms and apparent high body temperatures.




This coat was my favorite—it was a simple, sack-like silhouette, but the geometric diamond design built into the back gave it a certain elegance. It didn’t look warm enough for the coldest winter days, but the fur trim seemed like it would be a decent buffer against any rogue breezes. However, those winter days have returned with a vengeance, and everyone’s gone back to scuttling around mummified in scarves and layers of wool to survive the cold. Oh, well. It’ll be over soon.

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