Did you know that each of the New York City boroughs has its own borough flag? In most cases they’re visually derived from the New York City flag, which also has its own flag as a whole. This flag, pictured above, comes from Prince William of Orange’s flag of the Dutch Republic, when New Amsterdam was first settled on Manhattan Island. While “Orange” is derived from the location of the House of Orange in France, the orange color is an oblique reference nonetheless.

Here is a look at the flags of each borough, their design features, and history.

flags of nyc boroughs-untapped cities-daily what-new york cityFlag of New York City (Image via Wikipedia)


flags of nyc boroughs-untapped cities-daily what-manhattanFlag of Manhattan County (Image via Wikipedia)

The borough of Manhattan or New York County, fittingly has a flag that almost completely resembles the flag for New York City. In the center you will find the official seal for the borough of Manhattan. The date, 1683, is commemorative of the establishment of the county itself, with today’s borders.