Abandoned Shoe-Shine-Carroll Gardens-Court Street-Brooklyn-NYC

On Court Street in Brooklyn in the middle of 3rd and 4th Place in Carroll Gardens, is an abandoned storefront where you can still see the remnants of a shoe-shine shop from the dusty windows. Carroll Gardens, and much of Court Street, has historically been a strong community for the Italian immigrant diaspora and you can see a good number of Catholic items inside, like a photo of the Pope on the wall, a cross and a shrine.

The tin ceiling is deteriorating, but we can imagine that going inside would be like opening up a time capsule. Newspapers, magazines and the calendar might give hint to when this place was last open, before it became a veritable storage space.

Zillow reports that the building, built in 1931, is not for sale but is worth an estimated $1.276 million. Don’t miss this interesting find when taking in the Italian American bakeries, butcheries and shops on Court Street!