2. Larabee Estate (1995)

Sydney Pollack’s version of Sabrina begins the same way as Billy Wilder’s version, in Glen Clove, Long Island, with the protagonist in voice-over telling us of the luxurious estate of the Larrabees. The estate once again has both an outdoor and indoor pool and tennis court and a garage filled with cars. The major difference here is that the Larrabees estate is located in the Salutations House on an island off Glen Cove, owned by the grandson of famed financier J.P Morgan.

The estate was also occupied by former chairman of the New York City Ballet, City Center, Lincoln Center Theater Company and other NYC cultural institutions John S. Samuels. He never owned the property and it was sold after the death of Morgan’s wife in 1993 to private buyers. The mansion is still intact today.

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4 thoughts on “NYC and Paris Film Locations: Billy Wilder’s and Sydney Pollack’s Sabrina

  1. I like this movie but I don’t like the lack of chemistry between Linus and Sabrina. It’s very forced and uncomfortable to watch.

  2. Rich, you are absolutely correct. Burt Balaban (Barneys son) was my grandfather and I have photos from Barneys mansion when they were filming. Bogart sitting on his couch eating picnic food and Audrey standing in front of the mansion with her poodle(?). In the movie Sabrina you might notice a girl running across the lawn, that is my mother playing in the yard.

  3. I’m curious what restaurant the newer Sabrina used when Linus goes with her and they eat on the floor?

  4. Just a note of correction–Sabrina (1954) was NOT filmed at the John Teele Pratt Mansion in Glen Cove, which is a common misconception. It was filmed at the home of Barney Balaban, who was president of Paramount Studios in the 1950’s. Balaban’s Georgian brick mansion (Welland House) was located in the Greenhaven section of Rye, NY at 315 Brevoort Lane.

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