3. Larrabee Industries Offices

30 Broad Street

In both films the Larrabees are invested in a lot of different companies and have an office building in Manhattan. In the 1995 version, the corporate offices of the Larrabees and a place where many of the film’s biggest moments take place is located on Park Avenue and East 54th Street.

Larabee Industries plaque at 30 Broad Street

Located much further down than the 1995 version, the Larrabee corporation is located on 30 Broad Street in Manhattan’s financial district. In the original and later versions, the corporate offices is where Sabrina goes to confront Linus about the feelings she has for him, only to see them not returned. The offices are also where David finally accepts some responsibility and handles his brother’s duties as Linus goes after Sabrina before it is too late. 30 Broad Street has a sly tribute to the film with a brass plaque at the entrance that reads LARABEE INDUSTRIES since 1954.

William Holden and Humprey Bogart in Larabee Industries officeWilliam Holden and Humphrey Bogart in the Larabee Industries office in Sabrina. Public Domain photo, from Wikimedia Commons

The interior were likely filmed on a set in California, as there are no balcony offices in the building that face the waterfront directly.