5. Écoute Sculpture

In both films Sabrina goes to Paris. In Wilder’s film Sabrina goes to culinary school, while in Pollack’s Sabrina goes for an internship at Vogue. Only in Pollack’s film does our protagonist actually go to Paris instead of a sound-stage, with a lot of location shooting being done in the “City of Lights.” One of the first Paris scenes shows Sabrina clumsily going through her days as a fashion intern. The sandstone sculpture shot here was a commission job done by French artist Henri de Miller in 1986. The sculpture translated is called “Listening” and is located on the edge of the garden of Les Halles, a contentious public space currently undergoing extensive renovation.

6. Stravinsky Fountain

Like in the original, Sabrina is hopelessly in love with David Larrabee. At least this time around, David’s ignorance is somewhat believable. In both films Sabrina “matures” in Paris thanks to an encounter with a French gentleman. In Wilder’s version, Sabrina is taken out to parties and given lavish gifts by an older gentleman who likes her company (wink, wink); Pollack’s version is more straight-forward with Sabrina’s maturity, having her get involved with a fashion photographer named Louis (played by Patrick Bunuel). The relationship starts here when Louis asks the clumsy and inexperienced Sabrina out for a drink.

The fountain, located in Stravinsky Place, in Paris, features 16 unique fiberglass and steel sculptures represent The Rite of Spring and other works from Russian-French-American composer Igor Stravinsky. The sculptures were made by Jean Tingley and Niki de Saint Phile and was unveiled in 1983.