8. Pont des Arts

In the original Sabrina, Linus just makes it on the boat taking Sabrina to Paris and they live happily ever after. There is no final kiss, for the censors probably would not allow it and because Audrey Hepburn and Humprey Bogart hated each other during production.

In the remake, Linus catches up with Sabrina in Paris this time and the final scene in the movie is of Sabrina and Linus holding and kissing each other on the Pont des Arts. The pedestrian bridge over the Seine River was originally a metallic bridge built at the request of Napoleon himself. After two bombardments during the second World War, the original bridge was closed and collapsed in 1977 after a barge struck it. The bridge as it is known today opened in 1984. The bridge has become a tourist attraction for couples over the past few years. Couples attach padlock “love locks” to the bridge, then throw the keys off the bridge as a symbol of true love.