Cupcake ATM-Upper East Side-Lexington Avenue-Sprinkles-NYC

Have you ever  roamed the streets late at night craving a sweet–perhaps only a freshly baked cupcake will do–to no avail? There is now a solution to this conundrum! Sprinkles, the Beverly Hills based cupcake chain, just opened up a Cupcake ATM at a New York City location on the Upper East Side. We took a little trip yesterday to see if it lived up to the hype.

The Cupcake ATM is stocked throughout the day (and by the last employee at night!) with many flavors, 20 in total, of freshly baked cupcakes. It is open 24 hours a day and has a simple touch screen interface. Lines are already starting to form, with many intrigued by the device. Luckily though, the ATM can hold up to 760 cupcakes at any given time.

Cupcake ATM-Upper East Side-Lexington Avenue-Sprinkles-NYC-2

Cupcake ATM-Upper East Side-Lexington Avenue-Sprinkles-NYC-3

This is the companies fifth cupcake ATM, with ones already opened in L.A., Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. A Cupcake ATM was also just installed in Las Vegas. Sprinkles states that they plan to open other cupcake machines around the city, so a Cupcake ATM may be coming to your neighborhood soon! The Upper West will get one within the year.

1-Cupcakes ATM LineThe line that has started to form at the Cupcake ATM

The Sprinkles ATM is just one of our favorite Quirky ATMS in NYC, including a Gold ATM and Cash ATM disguised as a British phone booth! If you are ever in Paris be sure to check out the baguette ATM!

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