4. The confetti on New Year’s Eve contains wishes written on them

On New Year’s Eve, most people probably aren’t taking a close look at the brightly colored pieces of paper falling on them—but if they did, they’d probably find a small wish written on them. That’s right—the confetti that rains down on people every New Year’s Eve contains wishes written by visitors to the Times Square Visitor Center, located between 46th and 47th Street on Seventh Avenue

One can see a sampling of these wishes on a section of the wall at the Visitor Center—entitled “Hopes and Dreams,” this small space is covered with brightly colored pieces of paper, each of which contains someone’s personal wish for themselves, for the ones they love or even for the whole of humanity.

[Update August 2014: This visitors center is now permanently closed]

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4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Secrets of Times Square NYC

  1. I love this website! Thanks for the fun facts and photos. I’ve lived in New York for over 20 years and never knew some of these things. Another fun fact I recently found out was the Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental highway for automobiles across the United States of America. It ran from Times Sq to Lincoln Park in San Francisco, CA. On the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street street sign remains.

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