The crew over at NYMag’s culture site Vulture is currently going over the last century of music in New York City. Their examination covers all the trends, superstars, cultural milestones and hits that have made NYC one of the worlds greatest musical meccas. Covering NYC’s rich Hip Hop history, the site has posted an awesome illustration by artist Sarah King. This illustrated map of NYC not only features the birthplaces of prominent Hip Hop acts like the Wu-Tang Clan, LL Cool J, Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z and others, but also features lyrics from Hip Hop’s greatest writers. The locations used in their songs shout out major neighborhoods and locations that helped shape Hip Hop culture in NYC.

This map is perfect for the people who grew up during the rise of Hip Hop culture, as it shows legendary music venues like The Tunnel and The Kit Kit Club (Harlem World is absent for some reason). It also serves as a history lesson for Hip Hop novices who would like to know where The Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z went to high school; Where Q-Tip meet “the funky diabetic” Phife Dawg. The greatest thing about this beautifully illustrated map is that it reminds us that before Hip Hop became an institution preacticed and performed the world over, it started out here, in NYC.

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