A good first impression goes a long way, especially in the competitive New York City art scene. With so many art galleries surrounding the five boroughs, curators have to do more for the cultured and art obsessed people of NYC besides offer them free beer. The goal of Succulent Studio‘s Owner and Founder Sek3 and Creative Director Daniel Weintraub have in mind for their 3000 square foot space in Greenpoint is to have people “expect more than your usual art opening.”

This Saturday, March 29th will be the gallery’s first show “Succulent” named after the studio itself, features a murderers row of legendary and up-and-coming street and graffiti artists, with New York City in a prominent place. The artists include:

Sek3, Cern, See One, Alexandra Henry, Alice Mizrachi, Trap Marthalicia Matarrita, Michael Alan, Danielle Mastrion, Lunar New Year, Stefano Alcantara, Cekis, Jamie Hef, Nicholai Khan, Steven Lopez, Addi Somekh, RP Baker Jr, Bishop203, Ket, Fib, Native, Gilf!, Bisco Smith, Aislap, Daze, Ezo, Klass, Queen Andrea, Icy & Sot, Hellbent, Greg Lamarche, Sean G, Dirty Bandits, Names and more.

Having a group of artists that resemble the 1927 Yankees would be enough for most people, but not enough for Sek3 and Daniel. On top of the large roster of artists whose work will be featured at the show, there will be a live band playing classical music and something that is truly out there, bikini-clad balloon women. These life size bikini-clad balloon women, part of multiple balloon sculptures are made by California/NYC artist Addi Somekh and NYC artist Cern.

To see balloon people, classical music being performed live and great art, brave the G train and head to Succulent Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

If you want to make sure the author is not a bikini-clad balloon woman, contact @TatteredFedora