On your next trip abroad, or even in your own backyard, these pocket city guides by Telescope Cards provide a small local map right in the palm of your hands. There’s no longer a need to fumble through pins on an electronic map when you can have your own collection of cards with your favorite locations to help you plan impromptu trips from your assorted choices. Using this interactive site, you can even link it to your Foursquare “To-Do” list and finally get to those authentic international restaurants you wanted to try or remember where all those quirky specialty shops are located. 

Telescope Cards is a fun way to organize trip itineraries and becomes even more interesting when trading your favorite spots with friends to make recommendations. You can even add a small blurb at the bottom of the card to describe the location, anything from “Try the mojitos!” to “Stay away from the chilli.” All of your lists are backed up online so you can easily share a link to your favorite spots so they can easily add it to their ongoing deck. To have these cards printed and sent to you costs only about $25 and they make the perfect souvenir you can actually take with you on trips. Try it out with one of our Untapped Cities-approved Foursquare Lists and assemble the ultimate deck of your favorite Untapped spots. Save them to impress your out-of-town friends (or even your less-cool local buddies)!

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