This year on the Park Avenue Mall is Alice Aycock’s ‘Park Avenue Paper Chase’

There are more then daffodils popping up in our parks and public spaces.  Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite public art pieces so far this season that we think you should check out this month!

1. Park Avenue Paper Chase by Alice Aycock

Alice Aycock’s series of sculptures runs from 52nd Street to 66th Street on the Park Avenue Mall.  This installation entitled ‘Park Avenue Paper Chase’ will be on display through July. The monumental pieces really play on the whimsicality of paper objects and the materiality of aluminum and fiberglass.

2. The Faberge’ Easter Egg Hunt 

The Faberge' Easter Egg Hunt
The Faberge’ Easter Egg Hunt

The Faberge’ Easter Egg Hunt is one of our favorites this season, with its own smartphone app from the egg hunt website. There are over 275 eggs “hidden” all around NYC. Each is  designed by a different artist or brand, including Jeff Koons, Julian Schnabel and Diane Von Furstenburg. All eggs are up for auction; the money helps poor students in New York and endangered elephants in Asia through Elephant Family and Studio in a School.

3. Ivan Navarro’s Water Towers in Madison Square Park

<img class="size-full wp-image-420003" alt="Ivan Navarro's 'This Land Is Your Land' in Madison Square Park” src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ /> Ivan Navarro’s ‘This Land Is Your Land’ in Madison Square Park

In the shadow of the Flatiron building, Ivan Navarro’s ‘This Land Is Your Land’ series of three water towers will be on display until April 14th.

4. The Kelpies in Bryant Park

The Kelpies in Bryant Park
The Kelpies in Bryant Park

In tribute to Tartan Week, Bryant Park has brought in the latest work of Scottish sculptor Andy Scott. In his piece, The Kelpies, the artist pays homage to Scotland’s supernatural water horses for Celtic folklore.  The original pieces are 100 feet high and sit in The Helix Parkland in Falkirk, Scotland – monumental sculptures depicting supernatural water horses from Celtic folklore.

5. Clouds by Olaf Breuning at Central Park

Clouds-Olaf Breuning-Public Art Fund-Central Park-Doris Freedman Plaza-NYC

‘Clouds’ by Olaf Breuning grace the skies at the Doris Freedman Plaza in Central Park, a project of Public Art Fund. They are a series of six clouds towering nearly 35 feet above the plaza and will be on display until August 24th.

6. Serendipity by Fanny Allié in Tompkins Square Park

French artist Fanny Allie created this piece for a homeless man who spent much time in Tompkin Sq Park
French artist Fanny Allie created this piece for a homeless man who spent much time in Tompkin Sq Park

Tompkin Square Park has a site-specific life-size steel silhouette of a formerly homeless man – Christopher Gamble – who spent much of his time in the park.  This piece was done by the French sculpture and photographer, Fanny Allie and is aptly titled ‘Serendipity’.

7. Totem Sculptures in Dante Park, Lincoln Center

Herb Alpert's totem sculptures in Dante Park
Herb Alpert’s totem sculptures in Dante Park

Herb Alpert, the musician, composer and co-founder of A&M Records has brought his giant totem sculptures to Dante Park through April 14th.  his pieces reflect the indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest and he compares them to the spontaneous design with the improvisation of jazz.

As Spring and Summer move forward, we will enjoy bringing more of what our Department of Parks & Recreation has planned for us with their program ‘Art in the Parks’.

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