1-10.  Hospital corridor window with vines

We recently posted photos of the abandoned Ellis Island hospitals located on the south side of the island. Photographer Paul Margolis has also explored the abandoned ruins of this site in 2002, and has shared with us an impressive collection of photographs of the hospital. Starting April 11th and ending on June 29th, these photographs will be on display at The Living Room Gallery at St. Peter’s Church. Entitled Hidden Ellis Island, you can see vivid photographs of the once teaming hospital.

1-4. Quarantine hospital corridor

In the words of Margolis, “The buildings on the south side served prosaic and often sad purposes: they were the wards and medical facilities. But they also tell the story of hope and resolve; the less known history of those who voyaged to the New World.”

1-1. Quarantine ward doors C-print from color negative $500

1-6. Patient room

1-3. Hospital stairway

1-14. Hospital window with Statue of Liberty

All photos courtesy of Paul Margolis. Read more about the Ellis Island Southside Hospitals and its impressive history.

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