We’re pretty psyched for Mad Men’s return to AMC on Sunday. Before season 6, we published the Mad Men Guide to NYC, full of places featured in the show where you can still go to feel like a partner at SC&P. Now, for season 7, we’ve got the scoop on which venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn will be airing episodes on Sunday nights.  

1. Tribeca Grand Hotel

Unbeknown to most, the swanky Tribeca Grand Hotel  has a little cinema on the lower level with a big screen and plush, comfy seats. Last spring, they screened episodes of season 6 and they’ll be screening season 7 every Sunday. Now that the secret’s out, get there early to snag a seat.

2. t.b.d. brooklyn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This chill bar on Franklin Street in Greenpoint is known for its huge beer garden, but it also has four high definition screens. On the weekdays, they have happy hour beers or mixed drinks for $4 and on Sunday nights they’ll be showing Mad Men.

3. Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Located at 588 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Huckleberry Bar makes craft cocktails and small dishes using the freshest ingredients. Every Sunday this spring, they will be screening episodes of Game of Thrones and Mad Men back to back. Come for the shows, stay for a cocktail in the garden, which is only revealed when they lift the projector screen.

4. Videology in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

 Videology—a Williamsburg staple—on Bedford Ave and S 1st serves drinks up front and has a screening room in the back. They show independent films, classic movies, and they will be playing Mad Men episodes every Sunday night. They also rent DVDs, host trivia nights and bingo. Check their calendar to see what else they’ll be playing.

5. South 4th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Relaxed neighborhood spot South 4th Bar & Café is known for their great drink specials, including their Make Your Own Bloody Mary bar on the weekends. On Thursdays they host Kings of Karaoke and on Sundays they’ll be showing Mad Men. They have a $4 Jameson special on Sundays, so you can match Don drink for drink.

6. Halyards in Gowanus, Brooklyn

Halyards on 3rd Avenue in Gowanus will be screening back to back episodes of Game of Thrones and Mad Men this spring. Starting at 8 pm they’ll host GoT trivia, screen the show at 9, then Mad Men at 10. They’ll be serving up $3 shots, beer specials and $7 themed cocktails.

Be sure to check out the Mad Men Guide to NYC. Get in touch with the author @lauraitzkowitz.