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Inside the Brooklyn Museum’s rotunda gallery, Brooklyn based street artist Caleonia Curry a.k.a Swoon and her team have installed an awe inspiring 60 foot tree sculpture. The sculpture –which is reported to have taken months to complete –is the base and center piece for her exhibition titled Submerged Motherlands. The former Pratt Institute student turned world famous street artist and humanitarian’s site-specific installation is said to be an artistic response to past and contemporary catastrophe’s. 

Swoon-Street Art-Untapped Cities-NYC-Brooklyn Museum-Brooklyn-Christopher Inoa-Art

Known for artistic statements on environmental issues, Swoon also focused her collaborative mural on The Bowery Wall earlier this year on Hurricane Sandy. It has been almost two years since the hurricane affected thousands living around the Atlantic Coast and Swoon has been making it a primary focus.

With the gigantic tree reaching to the very top of the rotunda, it seems as if the artist is describing how nature will eventually outlast us all; with the enormous height of the tree becoming a tribute to how far we truly are from understanding the forces of nature.

Swoon-Street Art-Art-Untapped Cities-Brooklyn Museum-Brooklyn-NYC-Christopher Inoa

Surrounding the enormous sculpture are carved wooden ships, which give off a Beasts of The Southern Wild vibe. The comparison may not too far-fetched, as Swoon has spent much time in Louisiana. Also featured are her wonderful prints and drawings which she has been putting on the street since 1999.

The exhibit Submerged Memories opened on the 11th and will remain on display until August 24.

If you like to join his campagain to get a tree house up there, contact the author @TatteredFedora