We’re excited to partner with Andrea Janes of Boroughs of the Dead for a walking tour on one of our favorite topics here in NYC. The tour, Murder, Scandal & Vice: Crime & Corruption in 19th Century New York will take place on June 14th at 7pm with a cocktail to follow (optional) at the hidden bar Pulqueria in Chinatown.

Life in 19th Century New York was filled with murder, corruption, crime, and vice of all flavors. This just under 2-hour historical walking tour examines some of old Gotham’s most brutal and infamous crimes, some still unsolved, all set against the backdrop of a bustling city that seethed with scandal. From the gangsters of the Five Points to the tragic women of McGurk’s Suicide Hall, we’ll explore the shadiest, tawdriest, and most notorious stories of old New York.

This evening walking tour features:

  • Fascinating historical legends centered around some of New York’s most infamous crimes
  • See the notorious Five Points
  • Hear about some of NYC’s most famous unsolved 19th century crimes

If you like true-crime or you’re a history buff, this tour is a perfect way for you to discover the dark underbelly of New York. Join us after, if you desire, for a cocktail at the secret bar Pulqueria in Chinatown and get to meet fellow Untapped Cities readers and writers.

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