Judgemental NYC Map-Brooklyn-Queens-Manhattan-Bronx

In March, we posted the first Judgmental Map of NYC by Joe Larson. Though hilarious, his colorful comments were mostly located to Manhattan, which Untapped reader Ivan also pointed out in the comments “Hey look at that someone who thinks NYC doesn’t extend past Manhattan how cute.” As if responding to that cue, Larson released an all new judgmental map this week.

It still leaves out most of the Bronx and Staten Island completely, but Brooklynites have been relishing it. Wall Street Journal columnist Jeff Yang writes “I live in the lovely neighborhood of Strollers and Bars. And sometimes, when the dadding gets tough, Strollers in Bars.”

As studies of the urban fabric, we’re pretty excited he pointed out some of the more infrastructural elements, like the oil spill in Newtown Creek, sludge in the Gowanus, the recurrence of the word POOP, prisoners on Rikers Island (although the island is technically off the map) and cheap gas in Jersey. And we just wrote about Little Egypt!

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