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In March, we posted the first Judgmental Map of NYC by Joe Larson. Though hilarious, his colorful comments were mostly located to Manhattan, which Untapped reader Ivan also pointed out in the comments “Hey look at that someone who thinks NYC doesn’t extend past Manhattan how cute.” As if responding to that cue, Larson released an all new judgmental map this week.

It still leaves out most of the Bronx and Staten Island completely, but Brooklynites have been relishing it. Wall Street Journal columnist Jeff Yang writes “I live in the lovely neighborhood of Strollers and Bars. And sometimes, when the dadding gets tough, Strollers in Bars.”

As studies of the urban fabric, we’re pretty excited he pointed out some of the more infrastructural elements, like the oil spill in Newtown Creek, sludge in the Gowanus, the recurrence of the word POOP, prisoners on Rikers Island (although the island is technically off the map) and cheap gas in Jersey. And we just wrote about Little Egypt!

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  1. Kat, where’s your sense of humor? Did an old white lady from the upper east side steal it grom you? Are you the old white lady from the upper east side?
    The only thing I find offensive is they didn’t cover every neighborhood in the entire five boroughs. I hope they come up with a new updated map that insults the hell out of everyone, especially me.

  2. I think it’s accurate. I live with the smart kids, and they are insufferable.

    It’s depressing, though, that they have “Italians” in Little Italy crossed. Accurate, but depressing.

    But they still barely think the Bronx exists. Heck, they don’t even think Inwood exists.

  3. What about the brooklyn neighborhood’s like where I grew up??Bensonhurst…bay ridge. Boro park.itd be funnier in 1987 now.its changed…nonetheless makenone!!!

  4. Why isn’t this acceptable? If you have truly lived here, you know most of this is true. Why is this offensive to people? Everyone knows upper east side has a high concentration of rich people and prep school kids, Chelsea has seen expanded gay population and families move to Park Slope when they have kids and yes lots of old people live in Forest Hills and Kew Garden. That’s all true. and it is funny and give people a high level statistical view of the city. Great work.

    • years ago the artist Saul Steinberg did a map of New York (I dont mean his famous New Yorker cover) which depicted each STREET as a different little girl in a frock, ranging from bourgeois and well presented to slightly disreputable to “been around the block too many times” and beyond. Sounds bizarre, but was clever. Dont know where to find this illustration online!

      This map is ok but seems like a work in progress, possibly the fruit of collective labor. It could be a good project for us all– there is def enuf judgment to go around!

  5. Eleanor lunn Reply

    I must say that I agree with Kat with a K.
    The map is self conscious silliness. It demeans our great city and it’s hard working citizens.

  6. It’s not meant to be negative – it’s meant to basically tell it like it is. If you’ve ever lived in NYC you’d know that yes, if you want to find a gay man dressed in leather on a hot summer’s day, you go to Christopher Street. If you want to chit chat with new moms you go to Park Slope. It’s hilarious because it’s true. And New York City prides itself in it’s diversity and “enclaves” of ethnic groups. We don’t think any of this is offensive. -second generation Native New Yorker

    • Okay, so you speak for all New Yorkers? To me this map just screams “Made by white guy who knows nothing about NYC except for glossed over themes of race and gentrification.” If you want funny because it’s true, here ya go:

      Williamsburg: Stuck up transplants taking over a neighborhood they have no respect for
      Upper East Side: Boring rich old white ladies
      Flushing: Rude Chinese people that spit on streets crowded with people

      Now that’s telling it like it is. Offensive? Maybe. True? Hell yeah. But I didn’t put it on a map for cheap laughs.

      -Second generation Native New Yorker

  7. Brooklyn Native & still there Reply

    Oh how I LOVE this map. Screw the screechers haters and TRANSPLANT whiners. You have done a wonderfully epic work here. Kudos!!

    Looking forward to a COMPLETE map going further south to encompass my walking grounds. While we may get short shift at least we’re not so gentrified yet with filthy hipsters and trustafarians.

  8. How is this stuff even acceptable? Wasn’t funny at all, just offensive. And I don’t think I’m being sensitive. “Judgmental” connotes a negative impression of something- how are things like “Little Egypt,” “Ethnic People” and “GREAT Greek Food” negative? If it’s a joke, I don’t get it. Just a mishmash of how Larson perceives NYC as enclaves of people based on ethnicity, sexual preference and income level. Shame on Untapped for even posting this guys garbage map.

    • Another Kat Reply

      They managed to omit part of Brooklyn, most of Queens, all of The Bronx and still call it a map of NYC. Staten Island is also conspicuously absent, but that really should be part of NJ. I do think it’s strange that they did include part of NJ (Hoboken). This is more like a Hipster’s view of NYC, which might explain why it tries to be funny and fails.

    • nyc hooker Reply

      Kat get off it already and get a damn sense of humor. What are you an 92 year old douchebag? Of course you don’t get it. that says enough

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