Walking around New York City by day, it’s easy to pass by the many historic parks and buildings without a second glance. Nighttime is a little scarier in lower Manhattan, however, with so much eventful–and often grisly–history in the area. We took a little tour of the city’s haunted haunts with Boroughs of the Dead and came away thoroughly spooked. Check out the city’s haunted past in this week’s featured Foursquare list.


Bowling Green: This area used to be home to the Lenape Indians, who were often at the mercy of Dutch settlers encroaching on their land. The Dutch massacred hundreds of native women and children in Kieft’s War (1643-45). These triggered a wave of Indian retaliations that ultimately resulted in the death of a hundred Dutchmen in the Peach Tree War. After a Dutch settler shot a young Indian girl who picked a peach from his orchard,  five hundred Lenapes attacked Manhattan in response.

Life in 19th Century New York was filled with murder, corruption, crime, and vice of all flavors. This just under 2-hour historical walking tour examines some of old Gotham’s most brutal and infamous crimes, some still unsolved, all set against the backdrop of a bustling city that seethed with scandal. From the gangsters of the Five Points to the tragic women of McGurk’s Suicide Hall, we’ll explore the shadiest, tawdriest, and most notorious stories of old New York.