Monday April 21st

A contemporary take on King Lear, William Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy at The Barrow Group Mainstage Theatre by Shrunken Shakespeare Company. Instead of a kingdom, Lear is the CEO of a powerful corporation. The cast is made up of veterans of the Broadway stage and television. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

Tuesday April 22nd

Adult toy store Babeland is celebrating Earth Day. For interested parties, you can head to the Babeland store on Bergen Street to collect a free adult toy that is Solar Powered and promises to provide something (in their words, not ours) “Earth-shattering.”

The Poets House is showcasing the first career retrospective of poet and painter George Schneeman. An icon in the NYC underground art movement, his work has been celebrated as witty and pleasurable. 

Wednesday April 23rd

Symphony Space on 95th Street will have Parker Posey and Jane Curtain (both Village residents) read select fiction stories from the anthology Greenwich Village Stories. Dave Hill, Penny Arcade and more are expected to read stories, detailing their lives in the Village.

Thursday April 24th

The Brooklyn Museum will be hosting a conversation with two men behind the popular Street Art blog Brooklyn Street Art. The multimedia conversation with Steven P. Harrington and Jamie Rojo will explore the dynamics of Street Art as well as the future of Street Art.

Out on Pier 92 will be a celebration of all things Tech. The 2014 NYC TechDay will commence with over 400+ start ups showcasing their products to potential customers and inventors. The event is free and will be taken place from 9am to 5:30 plenty of time to see what kind of new technologies might become the next hot obsession in NYC.

Friday April 25th

Artist Almudena Lobera and architect Isabel Martinez Abascal are collaborating on a project that explores the human body. Drawings by Lobera will be placed on the bodies, with the architect destorying them, only leaving the words tattooed on the backs of volunteers. This performance piece, called Portadores will take place in The Bronx Museum.

Saturday April 26th

Local Roots NYC is hosting the third annual Good Festival. It is an evening dedicated to the local treasures we take advantage of here in NYC; whether it be the local music of NYC or the seemingly endless options when it comes to food. The Festival will feature performances from musical acts such as, The Naked Heroes, The Yaks, The Wives (just a lot of bands that begin with the word The); Cuisine will be brought in from local favorites such as Anarchy in a Jar, Roberta’s Garden will be on hand.

In conjunction with her exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, artist Judy Chicago will be presenting a fireworks display in Prospect Park’s Long Meadow. The artist will be using pyrotechnics to add visual and colorful effects to transform her iconic piece The Dinner Party. 

Sunday April 27th

The Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts in Brooklyn College is hosting a celebration of “the first woman of song” Ella Fitzgerald. This tribute concert will be performed by the 17 member Smithsonian Jazz Orchestra. The concert will include arrangements from Fitzgerald that have not been heard by the public in over 40 years.

 Judy Chicago, Top 10 NYC Events

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