6. Moondance Diner

Photo by Grégoire Alessandrini from our article about NYC’s lost diners

Peter Parker runs into the love of his life outside the Moondance Diner, her current place of employment. The iconic diner, with its attention-grabbing sign, was on 80 Sixth Avenue, between Grand and Canal Street in Soho for almost 75 years. Due to rising rents, the owners of the diner were forced to close it down, and even after attempts to keep its doors open, it was sold and trucked off to La Barge, Wyoming. The James Hotel currently occupies the space where the Moondance Diner once stood. The diner has been featured in numerous television shows set in New York City.

7. Harry and Peter’s Apartment

Harry and Peter are out of school and rooming together in a loft on Broadway and West 4th. Here Peter reveals to Harry that he lost his job to Dr. Connors (The Lizard). Norman offers Peter a job, but Peter wants to be his own man, something that his later nemesis highly admires. When asked what he will do for money, Peter spots the cover of The Daily Bugle giving out a reward for pictures of Spider-Man.