8. James J Walker Park

Throughout the season Louie has tried to date/sleep with another single parent named Pamela. Louie, however, is rejected by Pamela who does not have feelings for him romantically. It is less painful than it sounds, and the scene does feature a comedic conversation that can not be repeated on this family-friendly website. The scene takes place at James J Walker Park. The Manhattan park is named after the famous Jazz singer and Manhattan district Assemblyman of the same name.

 9. Eastville Comedy Club

The season finale finds Louie trying to get laid. He spends one evening walking by couples of all ages and sexual orientations expressing their love publicly, which fuels his feelings of loneliness. After some attempts at talking to women in bars and a nightclub, Louie retreats to the stage, one of the few places he feels most comfortable in. The East Village comedy club is known not only for its unique style, but for being a place where people can see Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffifan, Aziz Ansari and more grace the stage.

10. Veselka

The season’s final moments occur in the early hours of the morning. After a night that began with loneliness and failure, it is Louie’s two daughters who not only end the night a success as they remind Louie of his love of being a father, but that he is never truly alone. It is a sweet ending to a season where we see our hero get embarrassed and emasculated at almost every turn.

The breakfast Louie and his daughters partake in before the rising of the sun takes place at the 24 hour Ukrainian restaurant Veselka. The East Village eatery has served countless New Yorkers, at all times of the day, month, and year for 60 years. The restaurant (which translates to “Rainbow” in English) has received numerous awards and has been the inspiration for songs by Doctor Rokit and Greta Gerler.

All stills courtesy of FX Productions. To be apart of the Untapped Cities open mic comedy show that may, or may not exist, contact the author @TatteredFedora.

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