We’ve seen some pretty quirky and delicious food trends arrive in NYC lately: the Cupcake ATM on the Upper East Side, Dominique Ansel’s famous cronut, cookie and milk shots, and waffogato. We’ve even sampled NYC’s craziest ice cream flavors and hung out with the founders of Big Gay Ice Cream. But now there’s a whole new dessert craze arriving: the Nutella bar.

On Monday, May 12th, a Nutella bar is opening at Eataly in the Flatiron District. Now, normally we wouldn’t get excited over Eataly, but let’s be honest here—a dessert bar serving the delectable Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread is something to celebrate. And the crazy part? They’re getting rid of their wine bar to make room for this sweet dessert bar. 

The menu features Nutella on rustic bread or brioche, muffins with Nutella, mini-tarts filled with Nutella, hazelnut cookies sandwiched around a layer of Nutella, and of course, Nutella crepes.

Eater reports that “this is not a pop-up store” and “there are more surprises coming in October.”

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