Every month, we take Untapped Cities readers on an exclusive one hour tour of the Woolworth Building led by the great grand-daughter of Woolworth Building architect Cass Gilbert. The building is one of those places where you discover something new each time you visit.

Today, we thought we’d take you inside the bank vault of the Woolworth Building. Normally, even for tour guides, you can only peer in from the locked gates and touch the double vault door. On a rare occasion recently, we were allowed to walk inside.

Irving National Bank was the Woolworth Building‘s main anchor tenant until relocating to their new headquarters at 1 Wall Street in 1931 (they also changed their name to Irving Trust Company at that time). Today, an air conditioning duct runs through the door so the original double vaulted doors can’t actually close and the inside of the vault is used by the building’s maintenance staff. It’s neat to see the tools all hanging from the safety deposit boxes.

Woolworth Building-Bank Vault-Tours-NYC-007

Woolworth Building-Bank Vault-Tours-NYC-007

Woolworth Building-Bank Vault-Tours-NYC-004

Woolworth Building-Bank Vault-Tours-NYC-006

Woolworth Building-Bank Vault-Tours-NYC-005

Woolworth Building-Bank Vault-Tours-NYC-003

Woolworth Building-Bank Vault-Tours-NYC-002

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