Tridents inside the 9/11 Museum from the original World Trade Center towers

The 9/11 Museum, thirteen years in the making, is opening today ceremonially with President Obama and becomes publicly accessible starting next Wednesday. The museum is set deep below the 9/11 Memorial, its 7 stories containing 10,000 artifacts. The New York Times has some great interactive pieces on the museum, like a guided tour and this architectural/curatorial review.

We’ll save our thoughts until our visit next Wednesday but for now, here are images of the museum we took while it was under construction taken from our behind-the-scenes visits of construction of the World Trade Center complex, including 1 WTC, 4 WTC, and the Calatrava transit hub.

The slurry wall inside the 9-11 Museum, the retaining wall of the World Trade Center from September 2013 visit:

Steel struck by a plane that will be on display in the museum from September 2013:

Tridents from June 2013 visit

View from the outside, at opening of 9/11 Memorial

Stay tuned for our look at the 9/11 Museum next Wednesday. In the meantime, take a tour of 1 WTC and the Calatrava transit hub in Google Glass.

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