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Here is your Weekly Untapped event guide for the week of May 19th

Monday May 19th

Start the week talking about the Cosmos with a cold beer in your hand. The US portion of the Pint of Science Festival begins with its first of three events happening in The Cantina Royal in Brooklyn.

Tuesday May 20th

Park Slope may not get as much attention for its local food as other neighborhoods in Brooklyn do. The people at Dishcrawl have a goal in mind to spread the word about the restaurants in Park Slope that deserve some much needed recognition. This will not be like any other food crawl, for the name of the restaurants are being kept secret until the ticket holders meet up and begin their food tour of Park Slope. 

Wednesday May 21st

The Brooklyn Historical Society is having a discussion about the history of NYC’s favorite food: (not the cronut) pizza! Scott Weiner, Pizza Historian and and founder of his own Pizza tours discusses the history of NYC Pizza, its evolution into being one of NYC’s most popular foods, and why Chicago pizza pales in comparison (probably not that last part, but we like to keep sticking it to Chicago).

Carey Stumm is offering to show you hundreds of vintage photographs which ” document public events and transportation that helped move the masses on their way to the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, Queens.” All of the photos and documents come from the Transit Museum’s archival collection.

Thursday May 22nd

New America NYC presents NYC: Rebel Music. A discussion about how the United States and its allies are using the music and culture of Hip Hop to reach out to the Muslim youth, as a way to connect with them and keep them away from Islamic extremists.

Rooftop Films has been one of the best outdoor movie screening series for people to see independent or foreign cinema in NYC. As part of their main schedule of screenings, they will be showing a Swedish film that has been making the film festival rounds with much fanfare. We Are The Best is about a group of young girls who form a punk band. Before the screening, an all girl band named PetalWar will perform a set, a perfect intro into what looks like a glorious film. The screening will take place at the roof of  Trilok Fusion Center For The Arts.

Friday May 23rd

Acoustic Formulae is a unique sound art demonstration in which “the guest artists will explore novel formulas in the tangible sonic dialogue that Acoustic Formulae aims to catalyze.” We do not know what it means either, but it has us intrigued.

Saturday May 24th

Many people think the Bronx has nothing to offer them culturally. Well, how about hearing beautiful poetry while walking around the beautiful Bronx Botanical Gardens.

Sunday May 25th

So apparently next week begins Internet Week here in NYC. The people over at Beau Exchange are hosting something called The Wedding Reception of Tech and Social Good. It’s happening all day, and it sure beats being at home waiting for Game of Thrones to come on.

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