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It is the last week of May and as we creep closer and closer to Summer that means less clothes, but more events. Here is your curated, weekly Untapped guide for events in NYC.

Tuesday May 27th

The American Museum of National History is hosting a special event for those who love science fiction. The Sci-Fi Universe is a discussion where you can examine the worlds of your favorite Sci-Fi movies, television shows and novels.

The Yellow Thread Society hosts monthly meetings to discuss video games and their broader input into culture and culture studies. This month’s get together features culture historian Laine Nooney and game designer Kano Abe, two of the most prominent female members of the NYC gaming community as they discuss these three questions “How do cultural studies inform game design? How does current game design inform historical research? And when do the two just not get along?”

Wednesday May 28th

Middle of the week and what better time to go out and take a tour of the Lower East Side. I know what you are thinking, boring right? What if I told you this tour is based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, are you interested now?

Thursday May 29th

In preparation of their massive block party this Sunday, The Bushwick Collective is hosting an art show featuring some of the artists that have transformed a small section of Bushwick into one of the most popular destinations to view street art in NYC. Artists include: Blek Le Rat, Beau, Rubin, Chris Stain, Joe Iurato, Dan Witz and many more.

In Prospect Park, a special kind of book club will be meeting there. The Bushwick Book Club will be in the park not reading books, but playing songs by Phillip Roth. Stop by and see this interesting experience, it is much better than being by yourself trying to catch up on Silicon Valley all evening.

Friday May 30th

DUMBO art gallery The Mighty Tanaka is hosting an art show featuring two prominent NYC artists Douglas Ra and Jared Deal. Curated by Liz Artinan (Bunnycutlet Gallery) the show titled Ra Deal will be showcasing the newest drawings by Douglas Ra and the newest acrylic paintings by Jared Deal.

Saturday May 31st

The National Parade is a few weeks away, but that does not mean you should not go and experience the 27th annual Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade. Explore the music, food and culture of Puerto Rican in one of the most popular parades in the Bronx. More information can be found on the Parade’s Facebook page.

Sunday June 1st

The MoMA is hosting a discussion which will you will witness the radical changes in fashion and design from the 60’s to the 80’s. The discussion does not focus on clothes alone, but furniture, music videos and graphic design.

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