Manhattanhenge-42nd Street-Chrysler Building-Untapped Cities-NYC-001

It’s that time of year again, when New Yorkers flock like sheep to Tudor City, 34th Street and anywhere they can get a glimpse of Manhattanhenge, the phenomenon coined by Neil deGrasse Tyson that describes the sun aligns perfectly with Manhattan’s cross streets.

It’s worth seeing, but you don’t need to be where the crowds are. Go to the East Side before 8pm and find a relatively wide cross-street. Starting at 8pm and finishing at 8:16pm, the sun will set precisely at the end of the street. Tomorrow, the same thing will happen but you’ll see the full sun instead of the half-sun.

The whole thing repeats again July 12th and 13th this year.

Here are some photos we’ve shot over the last few years and more information on how it happens:

And the less-popular but equally awesome, Manhattanhenge Sunrise.

Manhattanhenge Sunrise-NYC-Untapped Cities