Banksy-Girl With Balloon-Untapped Cities-LEGO-Street Art-Art-Jeff Friesen

Because it is 2014 and LEGO’s have taken over every screen imaginable, it was only a matter of  time before LEGO street art would happen. Award winning photographer Jeff Friesen, who professionally takes non-LEGO pictures also runs the The Brick Fantastic, where he posts LEGO themed photography of his own making. His previous series of LEGO photography include The Great LEGO North and 50 States of LEGO; his latest series, first reported by Fubiz, is a series of LEGO photographs honoring the work of UK street artist and filmmaker Banksy.

Banksy-LEGO-Photogtaphy-Street Art-Art-Jeff Freisen-Untapped Cities

Titled Bricksy Jeff recreates in LEGO form, some of the most iconic works of Banksy’s career. The Girl with Balloon, Maid in London, Anarchist Soldier, Tightrope Rat and more are all given the LEGO treatment by Friesen.

Banksy-Art-Untapped Cities-Street Art- LEGO-Jeff Friesen

Banksy-Art-Street Art-Untapped Cities-Jeff Friesen-LEGO

Banksy-Art-Street Art-LEGO-Jeff Friesen-Untapped Cities

Banksy-Art-Street Art-LEGO-Jeff Friesen-Untapped Cities-001

Banksy-Art-Street Art-LEGO-Jeff Friesen-Untapped Cities-002

To relive Banksy’s groundbreaking 31- day NYC residency last year, check out all the photos and locations from his Better out Than In art project.

To know what he builds with his massive LEGO collection, contact the author @TatteredFedora


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