Meat Rushmore-Beef Jerky-Jacks LInks-Columbus Circle-NYC

Earlier this week we reported that there was going to be a beef jerky takedown at the Bell House in Brooklyn, cleverly titled “The World’s Biggest Jerkoff.” Today at Columbus Circle, beef jerky brand Jack’s Links unveiled “Meat Rushmore,” a sculpture made of beef jerky for #NationalJerkyDay. While we’re loathe to report on corporate stunts like this, we have to admit it’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a making of video, which explains that it’s made of three types of jerky, collectively weighing 1,600 pounds, covering a base of non-meat. The sculpture took 1400 man hours to complete. Jack’s Links has roughly 50% of the jerky market in the United States, based on 2012 statistics.

Even though jerky Mount Rushmore is no where close to full size, this summer you can find full-scale replica pieces of the Statue of Liberty sitting around Brooklyn Bridge Park and City Hall Park.

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