3. The Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park

In Prospect Park, off of Center Drive, there are 2000 gravestones and buried bodies older than the park itself. This property, the only private one in the park, is a cemetery owned by the Religious Society of Friends, aka the Quakers. Burials on the land date as far back as the 1820s and is still an active cemetery site. Buried here is Montgomery Clift, the star of “From Here to Eternity.”

The cemetery is surrounded by high fences topped by barbed wire to keep the Montgomery Clift-obsessed public out, as well as those who, according to rumors, used to practice devil worship or Santeria within the cemetery. (If these practices ever took place, they’ve moved slightly outside the cemetery, if the decapitated goat and dismembered chickens found in Prospect Park in recent years indicate anything).